Shower Thoughts

March 16, 2020


One of my typical internal monolgues...



I don't think I sent that email I said I would send. Or did I? 


I know how to solve that! Duh, why didn't I think of that before? 


He really is a horse's ass.


What's that noise? 


Is there something wrong with this water pressure? 


Did I already wash my hair?


I can't believe I ate all of those M&Ms. But they sure were good.


That really was a stupid thing to say. What was I thinking? 


Is the front door locked? 


I could really do without that 4 o'clock meeting. 


I wonder if I'm sick. Or do I always feel this way?


My hair feels dry even though it is wet.


Everyone's phone is bigger than mine. But I like my small phone.


I still smell like chlorine from the pool. The smell of virtue. 


I'm really in the mood for crispy Szechuan beef.


This last haircut wasn't good. Too choppy.


Did I forget to pay Rob's Med Supp? I have to check as soon as I get out.


Damn, my towel is way over there. 









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