Words We Should Still Use

Some of my favorites from our YWYS Facebook posts:

Aeipathy: Continued passion, unyielding

In a sentence: His aeipathy for birdwatching was his most defining trait.

Acrasial: Ill-tempered

In a sentence: Judge Judy is often acrasial, but rightly so.

Welkin: The upper sky; “vault” of heaven

In a sentence: Frustrated by her experience with the DMV, she sighed so loudly that it was heard in the welkin.

Schismarch: Founder of a schism

In a sentence: She fancies herself a schismarch, but she’s just playing low-level office politics.

Namelings: Those bearing the same name

In a sentence: In the 1970s, male namelings in a senior high school class were often called Bob, Jim, or Mike. Now it’s Jacob, Joshua, or Ethan. And 17 years from now it will be Liam, Noah, or Elijah.


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