These Images Have Stuck (Part 1)

Certain single-frame images from my life have stuck with me through the years. Here are a few:

1963: My mother, sitting on the couch with her hand at her throat, watching the coverage of the Kennedy assassination.

1975: Seeing my future husband for the first time; he was drinking a beer at a bar in Somers Point NJ, looking every inch the lifeguard he was.

1987: My 5-year-old son, tanned from the summer and wearing gray shorts and a blue T-shirt, lining up with the other kindergarteners to enter school for the first time.

1993: My son, now 11 and playing Little League baseball, sliding into first base after being walked by the pitcher.

Multiple times, 1975-present: Seeing my husband catch a wave at exactly the right moment, and body surf it all the way to the shoreline.

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