Answers to Your Questions About Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas Movies

Yes, there will be a "meet cute" moment involving spillage of some sort (soup, coffee, packages).

Yes, there will be a precocious child, likely with one dead parent.

Yes, there will be ice skating.

Yes, there will be a misunderstanding of one type or another that delays but does not derail the happy ending.

Yes, the family-owned cookie factory that employs the entire town will be saved from financial ruin.

Yes, the heroine is either a) in the running for a big promotion or b) experiencing some serious challenges at work or c) conflicted about her work/life balance.

Yes, the heroine has a best friend or sister who has achieved the aforementioned work/life balance.

Yes, the dialogue consists of words and phrases that no human has ever spoken.

Yes, there will be snow.

Yes, the young widower has not wanted to celebrate Christmas since his young wife's untimely death 3 years ago.

Yes, small town life is better than big city life.

Yes, the script was written in less time than it took you to watch the movie.

Yes, it will be a Christmas miracle if the two leads have any sort of real chemistry.

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