Things I Don't Understand (Part 1)

Why people get it's/its wrong. Don't use "it's" unless you can plug in "it is." It's that simple.

Why TV announcers are all of a sudden over-pronouncing the article "a." Phonetically: "The house caught on fire when ay small plane crashed into it" just sounds weird. Should be “The house caught on fire when uh small plane crashed into it."

Why breakfast servers don't automatically bring more creamers with the 2nd cup of coffee. Or better yet, why don't all breakfast places just put a bowl of creamers on the table? Why restaurants have their workers clean tables with a chemical-based spray when people are eating nearby. Do they not understand wafting?

Why people bring actual food (hoagies, cheesesteaks, chicken wings) into the movies. They can't go two hours without a meal? And don't get me started on the ridiculousness of "movie taverns."

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