These Have Stuck (Part 3)

Certain sentences, some said to me and others said in my presence, have stuck with me verbatim throughout the years. I had so much fun with Parts 1 & 2 (and received some great shared remembrances from friends) that it's time for Part 3:

"Are you good at your job?" --A waitress, in response to my (admittedly ill-advised) suggestion that she write down our table's complicated drink order.

"My mother made me wear a bike helmet." --My 37-year-old son, in response to the question "What was the worst part of your childhood?"

"Curly hair." --My 7-year-old great niece, when I asked her if she knew how we were related.

"That's a fluffy job." --My husband, after I told him that my new client was the Director of Marshmallows at a candy company.

"That suit makes you look tall." --My mother, to a man wearing a pin stripe suit; he was at least 6-foot-7.

More to come, I'm sure! Share yours with me!

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