These Have Stuck (Part 2)

Certain sentences, some said to me and others said in my presence, have stuck with me verbatim throughout the years. I had so much fun with Part 1 (and received some great shared remembrances from friends) that it's already time for Part 2:

"This one really likes to sweat." --A dear friend, introducing her newborn grandson to her work colleagues.

"They don't cart away healthy people." --A high school friend, responding to another friend's question "Do you think they are sick?" after seeing a person on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance.

"No, you have to be 31." --My husband, upon turning 29 in 1978, denying he was in his late 20s.

"Do you have a nickel or a dime?" A friend, who was treating me to dinner, in need of small coinage to pay the check.

"Two cars cannot occupy the same space at the same time."--My father's first lesson of driving, imparted to me in 1971.

More to come, I'm sure! Share yours with me!

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