Pet Tale Excerpt: Dusty

Please enjoy this excerpt from Dusty's Tale and visit our Pet Tales page to learn more about our pet-tribute offering.

Almost all of his life, Dusty suffered from really bad ear infections. Eventually the vet removed one of his ear canals and sewed up the ear; of course, no more ear infections after that. A few years later he had the same surgery on his other ear. After that, he was pretty much deaf and even stopped barking; maybe because he could no longer hear himself.

After one of Dusty’s ear surgeries, the vet told me that when he came out of the anesthesia he immediately started licking his hand. A lot of dogs are fearful or confused when they're coming out of anesthesia and get a little aggressive. The vet was very taken by the fact that Dusty’s first instinct after going through this ordeal was to show affection.

Dusty did have bad habits. He must have had an itchy little butt because he did that thing that dogs sometimes do, where they scoot on their butts across the carpet. One time, when we were at my sister’s house, he started to scoot on his butt across her big wooden deck. It was freaking me out, as I was worried about splinters and nails. I tried to stop him, unsuccessfully. Finally, we got a pair of my nephew’s underwear and we put it on his butt to try to protect him. With his little tail sticking up through the opening in the underwear, it was quite a sight to see.

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