Lives Well Lived

A recently released feature documentary celebrates the secrets, wit and wisdom of age. Lives Well Lived shares the inspiring stories of 40 adults, ages 75-100.

According to filmmaker Sky Bergman, the inspiration for the Lives Well Lived project was her 103-year-old grandmother. Five years ago, Bergman started filming her then 99-year-old grandmother at the gym because she thought no one would believe that her grandmother was still working out. Four years and 40 interviews later, Lives Well Lived was born.

The film is currently screening across the country. Unfortunately, it isn't screening in my area, so for now I'll just enjoy the trailer (below).

The film is an excellent reminder that life stories are treasures meant to be told and shared. If you or someone you know wants to preserve their story, please contact us. We'll make it easy, fun and affordable.

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