Professional Bio Service

Our Professional Bio Service offers reasonably-priced options for both individuals and organizations.

For Individuals

A professional bio, written as a companion piece to your resume, enhances your personal brand by providing additional context and depth about your education and work experience.

Our offering is designed for anyone who needs to present themselves in a professional light - including recent college grads, job seekers, independent contractors, members of the gig economy, speakers and prospective board members.  Having a professional bio is also a smart choice for people wanting to advance within their current organization.

We'll conduct a pone interview at your convenience, write your professional bio, and send it to you electronically.

Your cost depends on the length of your bio.  Our most economical offering is a concise 200-word bio, priced at $99.

For Organizations

You've brought a lot of talented people on-board, with diverse education, experience, skill sets, and passions.  A professional staff bio ensures that each individual's uniqueness is part of your organization's collective consciousness.

We'll schedule and conduct the phone interview with your staff members, write the bios, and send to you electronically.  The bios will be written in a way that makes them appropriate for use both within and outside of your organization.

Your cost depends on the length of the staff bio.  Our most economical offering is a concise 200-word bio, priced at $99.  We have discounted packages available for organizations that request 5 or more staff bios.


Professional Bio Endorsement

Here is an endorsement from a satisfied client for whom YWYS Co-Founder Maria Canfield wrote over 30 staff bios:

We work in a virtual workplace and needed a way to learn more about our teammates.  We asked Maria to interview and create bios for everyone in our company. 


Maria did a wonderful job.  Each bio was unique and consistent.  Our team really enjoyed the whole process.  I would highly recommend Maria.

Pete Guillot

President, Centerfirst

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