Our Work With Ralph

YWYS had the privilege of working with Ralph to create his personal memoir.  

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Ralph's goal in creating his memoir was:


To Create a collection of remembrances about some of the fascinating and wonderful people I have had the good fortune to meet or learn about, in my seven decades on this earth. 


It's also about the connectedness that has wound its way through so many of my experiences.  And while all readers will come to these stories from different backgrounds and different perspectives, I'm betting there is something that resonates for everyone; some universal "aha" moments. 

A passage from Ralph's personal memoir:

There's a German word - beschert - which technically means pre-ordained or meant to be.  But I like to think of it in a kinder and gentler way, as serendipity - the ability to find fortunate or agreeable things without looking for them.  Sometimes beschert comes in the form of a coincidence - my life has been full of them; I'll bet yours has too.  I make a point of noticing them, of making connections between my experiences; doing so adds an almost incalculable richness to my life.  Most of the time I end up thinking that things happen for a reason - perhaps not pre-ordained, but meant to be.

If you're interested in reading more of Ralph's personal memoir, you can download an electronic version through Amazon.

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