A Heartfelt Gift And Family Treasure

Finding the perfect gift for people in your life can be challenging. This is especially true if the gift recipient is your parent, as they are often not interested in adding material possessions (“clutter”) to their lives.




Our  Slice of Life Mini-Memoir ™ is the perfect gift solution. 

Through a customized, recorded interview of up to 45 minutes, we help your parent  memorialize one or two significant stories or events from their life. The end product is a professionally written and formatted manuscript, delivered electronically, that captures those special remembrances.  Priced at $299, the Slice of Life Mini-Memoir is an economical, life-enhancing gift.

The Perfect "Experience" Gift


The Slice of Life Mini-Memoir given as a gift is an enjoyable experience that provides benefits that go well beyond the creation of the manuscript:     

  • As your parent recalls certain memories, it opens the door to other long-forgotten remembrances.

  • The reflection that comes with recalling memories allows your parent to gain new insight into the past, which can be therapeutic.

  • The act of memorializing events, even if they are difficult or traumatic, can reduce stress and improve cognitive function.

A Family Treasure

The Slice of Life Mini-Memoir also has benefits to you as the gift giver and to other family members:

  • You may deepen your understanding of your parent by learning about a part of their life that they might not have previously shared.

  • Your children will get to know their grandparent in a way they may not have otherwise, enriching their own lives.

  • Research has shown that children who know more about their family stories have higher levels of self-esteem and stronger overall emotional well-being.

The Slice of Life Mini-Memoir can be given one time or on a recurring basis (recurring sessions are discounted 10%).  


"Family stories provide a sense of identity through time, and help children understand who they are in the world."


                                                                         — Robyn Fivush Ph.D.

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