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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via debit or credit card, personal check, money order, or PayPal.

What is the difference between a memoir and an autobiography?

An autobiography is a full accounting of someone's entire llife, from childhood to present day. Memoirs are simpler and much shorter; they focus on whatever life event (or events) the author wants to memorialize. The possibilities are nearly endless; here are a few examples: formative childhood experiences, a cherished family tradition, a teacher who kindled your intellectual curiousity, professional challenges and successes, memorable trips, and adversities you've faced.

What if I don't have enough interesting stories for a memoir?

First, we think you do! We have found that most people are surprised how many stories they remember once they start the YWYS process. (And our proprietary, customized YWYS Memory Prompter is designed to help you with your recollections.) But if your wish is to focus on just a story or two, we have packages perfectly-suited to that approach.

What is your payment schedule?

For the Spoken Word and YWYS Memoirs, we require a deposit of one-third of your selected package, prior to work beginning. An additional one-third will be required once we reach the half-way point of the process, and the final third will be required before delivery of the final product. For the Guided Memoir, we require a deposit of one-half of the package price prior to work commencing. Payment of the remaining half is due before delivery of the final product.

What if I want a combination of packages or something entirely different?

We're happy to work with you to customize an offering to meet your needs. Please call us or reach out via our Contact page to schedule a free consultation.

I started to write my own memoir. Can you help me finish it?

Absolutely! Please call us or reach out via our Contact page to schedule your free consultation. We'll discuss how we can best partner with you to complete your memoir.

What is the typical timeframe from the start of the process to the delivery of the final product?

It depends on the package you select. The process from start to finish could be as short as a few weeks or it could be several months. We can better set your expectations during your consultation.

How do I go about giving one of your packages as a gift?

You can pay for all or part of any package you wish to give as a gift. After we receive your payment, we will send you a gift certificate (email or regular mail) that the recipient can redeem simply by calling and providing us with the reference number printed on the certificate.

What is the process for completing a memoir through YWYS?

The Guided Mini Memoir is created entirely on-line, at your own pace. The Spoken Word Memoir and YWYS Personal Memoir are created through a combination of on-line communication and recorded phone interviews. We can provide additional details during your free consultation.

Will I need any special equipment or software to create a memoir through YWYS?

There is no special equipment or software required to complete your memoir through YWYS. Completion of the Guided Mini Memoir requires internet access. Some communication for all packages will be done via email, so access to an email account is also necessary.

Who owns the rights to my manuscript, YWYS or me?

You own the rights. We do include a standard note in the manuscript (and on any printed books) that acknowledges YWYS's role in the creation of your memoir.

What is the cost to add a printed book to the YWYS Memoir Package?

Printed books are available as an optional add-on if your text and pictures will "fill up" 20 pages of a 6 x 9 blook. The cost varies based on whether the book is softcover or hardcover, the number of photographs (if any) included, and the number of copies requested. Let us know if you are interested in the printed book option, and we'll provide a quote based on your specific situation.

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