About Us

We founded YWYS to make it fun, easy, and affordable for anyone to tell their story.

Between us, we have over 50 years of interviewing, writing, editing, and project management experience.  We are also expert collaborators - in our past ventures and as founders of YWYS, we have helped scores of clients bring their stories, ideas, and imagination to life.

Our combined skills and experience make us uniquely qualified to help you tell your story, to share with your family, friends, or colleagues - or just to have for yourself.

Maria Canfield

Maria Canfield, Co-founder

A native of Philadelphia, Maria spent a very long time in the corporate world, mostly managing contact center operations while nurturing client relationships. Her favorite part of any work day was when she got to write something, even if it was a dry-as-dust Standard Operating Procedure.


So in 2014 she took a deep breath and changed course, moving to Florida with her husband (Rob) and becoming a freelance writer. Prior to co-founding YWYS, she wrote a lot of different things, including health and real estate stories for a group of Florida newspapers, publications about cancer treatments for a national non-profit organization, and memoirs of varying lengths for several acquaintances.  Under a pen name, she has also written two novels, which she hopes her readers find humorous. 


Having missed the change of seasons and her grown son, Maria is now happily back in the Philadelphia area.

Lisa Petrocelli

Lisa Petrocelli, Co-founder

Lisa’s interviewing, writing and project management experience spans 25+ years across a variety of industries including travel, finance, consumer affairs and online marketing.  Her extensive background in HR and recruiting has been instrumental in honing her professional interviewing skills.  Lisa firmly believes that the key to a successful interview is to make it an easy, relaxed conversation and that is what she strives to do with every YWYS client.

When she isn’t busy interviewing YWYS clients, Lisa enjoys reading (especially memoirs), walking, hiking and meticulously planning family vacations.  In fact, it’s been said that wars have been fought with less strategic planning than a Petrocelli vacation!

Lisa resides in Allentown, Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters.

Looking for a speaker for your group or organization?

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We will provide an engaging and informative 60 minute presentation about personal memoirs, covering the following topics.

  • The proven benefits of memoir writing for you and your loved ones

  • How to overcome the biggest obstacle to writing your memoir

  • Prompts for jump-starting your memory and unleashing stories from your past

  • 10 tips for writing your memoir, and having fun doing it

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